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Maria Del Hoyo sat down with Rodale Allen as he explained his inspiration for the newest Big Bellie Gang Movement, otherwise known as the BBG Movement. Check it out!

(MARIA): Thank you for coming to kick it with us at STEM Fashion! How is your day going?


(RODALE):  It's going, thank you for asking and having me here.  


(MARIA): First and foremost, I just want to say I Love the BBG movement, where did you find the inspiration?


(RODALE): From my own life experiences. The fact I've gain weight and love the skin I'm in.  I think body shaming has become a thing with today's society. I want everyone to embrace whatever size they are and let the haters hate.  Love yourself first. 


(MARIA): Big Bellie Gang Movement! AYE, I'm all the way here for it, body positivity. So, what is your goal with this movement, what do you aim to achieve?


(RODALE): I want people to stop trying to fit in.  To stop being ashamed of their body. Stop missing out on life trying to look good for the next person.  


(MARIA): This has been a super fun and dope collection to be a part of, we appreciate you considering STEM Fashion for this movement. Where can we follow you?


(RODALE): Once everything jumps off and gets established properly, I will create an Instagram and TikTok to promote my business and new movement.


(MARIA): We look forward to this movement, this is incredibly impactful for the community; and as always STAY TRUE and EVOLVE MORE.


(RODALE): Thank you for the support and giving me an opportunity to make this dream a reality. 

(MARIA): That's what we aim to do. How else are we supposed to Stay True and Evolve More?  I am glad we could make this happen. 

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