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Model/ Actress/ Comedian

Dawnnie is a Model, Actress, and Comedian from Brooklyn, New York. She has been published in three magazines, walked in numerous fashion shows and has recently been featured in the Reality show 'Models and the City' Season 2 in Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to Modeling and Acting, Dawnnie has done comedy for six years and has had the pleasure of being featured in major comedy shows across the east coast. What's next for this beauty?

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Dawnnie coming in May where she speaks about not only her modeling career but her comedy career as well.

"STEM Fashion is a movement that I am very passionate about and ready to be apart of"- Dawnnie

Follow Dawnnie at the platforms below:

Instagram: @thefunnyonedawnnie 

Facebook: Dawnnie Smith

Snapchat: @Dawnnie12


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