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Model/ Actress/ Musician

Starr Cooper is a model, musician,  actress and mom! Her experience on stage started young and from there her genuine and inviting nature has welcomed many more collaborations and projects.

In every chapter of her life, she has been afforded the opportunity to shine bright and spread love. She states "I am truly grateful, and so I live each day passionately and with my best energy forward. Simply put, I strive to be stellar!"

Some of Starr's Projects have consisted of EDM productions in NY and Boston, live performances in establishments across the east coast, fashion shows in Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC as well as filming for 2 web-series, 3 films and several smaller productions including small films and promotional materials. 

Check out more from Starr this May when her Ambassador Interview drops.

Until then you can follow Starr at the platforms below, What will she do next?

Instagram:  @Sylverlace

Facebook: starrc81

Snapchat: Sylverlace

Twitter: Sylverlace


LinkedIn: Sylverlace

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