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Maria Del Hoyo Created STEM Fashion upon discovering there were no brands specifically for the Lesbian community. Some days she would dress it up, others well...not so much.


Through modeling she found that clothes are a deeper expression of self; and that one is not to be judged but embraced for the inner creativity we are able to harness and instill in our daily lives on the pursuit of our purpose in this journey we call life.

Realizing how many profoundly talented creators, artists, and designers there are; she had to do something. Thus, the Culture and Collaborations sections were born. In these sections Maria highlights what it truly means to STAY TRUE AND EVOLVE MORE. Interviewing, Collaborating and Connecting with Creators across the world; she realized this was more than a clothing line. It was a movement.

The Core of STEM Fashion is to Stay True and Evolve More, S.T.E.M while still catering to awareness and growth of different creators within our LGBTQ community and the world.

Although STEM Fashion was created for the Lesbian community, we do not discriminate against any community. We welcome everyone. STEM Fashion is a movement, a way of life; Not a Label. Whatever your style, STEM has you covered. Just promise to Stay True and Evolve More.

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